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Testimonials: Text

"For over a year I was struggling with severe bloating, gas, acne, weight gain, and just general changes to my body that felt abnormal. I went to see multiple doctors, and everyone told me that my results were normal, but I knew something was wrong. Since working with Jordan and Amanda, I have not only figured out what was wrong, but now I am fully symptom free and back to feeling like myself again. I would highly recommend working with Collective Medicine - the team is caring, understanding, and made every effort to help me get better. I can't thank them enough!" 

- A.L.

"Before working with Collective Medicine, I felt unwell. I was always exhausted, constantly bloated, experienced acid reflux and my libido had significantly decreased. I felt like I was doing all the right things with no success, and none of my doctors ever took my complaints seriously.

Since working with Jordan and Amanda, I now feel a lot closer to being the best version of myself and have found unbelievable changes in my day to day life. I have energy throughout the day, my nutrition has significantly improved, I no longer have acid reflux and we uncovered an undiagnosed autoimmune condition which has likely been around for years. And the biggest change has been in my mental health -  I just feel so much happier. I am so glad that I decided to invest in my health as working with Collective Medicine has been life changing."

- A.E.

"My health was always a mystery to me; I knew that there were plenty of ways I wasn’t feeling my best, but had no idea how to feel better. Since working with Jordan and Amanda, I now feel in control of my health and my habits. I have learned so much about the power of personalized medicine and what is happening in my body. The team at Collective Medicine is warm and supportive. They have a genuine enthusiasm for helping people take charge of their health and feel their best. I wish that all medical practitioners shared this approach."

- J.S.B.

"My daughter had been suffering from constipation and bloating since she was three years old, relying on enemas and laxatives to ease her discomfort. We saw many doctors, from Mount Sinai to NYU, none of which helped. Once we found Jordan, it was like magic. After about two weeks of following Jordan’s recommendations, my daughter's belly stopped hurting and her symptoms lessened. Now, she no longer suffers from constipation and bloating.

The Collective Medicine team really takes their time to know their patients and create a tailored regime that really works really. Finding Jordan truly changed our family's life."

- T.M.

"When I first met with Jordan, it was a true learning experience. Her patience, knowledge and guidance made me feel at ease and comfortable immediately, and when I encountered a new health issue, she jumped right in, staying in constant contact with me and getting to the root of the illness. Jordan is extremely compassionate and truly cares about her patients. I cannot say enough wonderful things about every single encounter I have with her."

- B.S.

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