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Collective Medicine

A personalized path to optimal health.

We are a Functional Medicine practice providing personalized and integrated medical care. Our patients achieve optimal health by identifying and treating the root cause of imbalances. By using a combination of diagnostic tools, leading research and a variety of healing modalities, we work with our patients to reverse unwanted symptoms and heal the body.

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine allows us to approach each person as a unique individual, and their body as a network of interconnected systems whose function affects all others. When one system is off, the whole body is negatively impacted, and when a system improves, the whole body benefits. This perspective understands that a person's health is the culmination of many different factors, influenced by genetics, diet, emotional well being, lifestyle practices and the environment they are surrounded by. The goal of Functional Medicine is to identify and treat the root of a problem using a customized approach rather than putting a temporary bandaid on symptoms.

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Our Philosophy:

- We view medicine not as a system of quick fixes, but a framework centered around root-cause healing, disease prevention and longevity. 

- We focus on empowering our patients to implement changes that feel sustainable and nourishing in the long-term, and believe that health is not a destination one arrives at, but an ever-evolving journey that benefits from support and continuous recommitment. 

- We believe that the path to true wellbeing involves the mind, body and spirit, and we are passionate about supporting our patients in each area, in ways that align with their intentions, lifestyle and personal preferences.

- We combine scientific rigor with clinical experience and feel strongly that decisions around care should be made in partnership with our patients and rooted in respect and compassion.

- We care deeply about challenging the ‘norms’ and strive to create a transparent, inclusive and compassionate community to support healing on all levels.

Collective Medicine: About
Collective Medicine: About

Learn More

Learn everything you need to know about joining Collective Medicine in a free, 30-minute consultation with our team.

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Words from our patients:

"For over a year I was struggling with severe bloating, gas, acne, weight gain, and just general changes to my body that felt abnormal. I went to see multiple doctors, and everyone told me that my results were normal, but I knew something was wrong. Since working with Jordan and Amanda, I have not only figured out what was wrong, but now I am fully symptom free and back to feeling like myself again. I would highly recommend working with Collective Medicine - the team is caring, understanding, and made every effort to help me get better. I can't thank them enough!"
- A.L.

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